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The Craving Eraser.

Big Pharma spends millions on pills and patches that replace nicotine with nicotine. Big Tobacco spends millions on vape pens that replace nicotine with nicotine. Do you see a trend?
We set out to break it.

Not like the "Big Guys"...
As ex-smokers we wanted a nicotine-free way to fight the symptoms of cravings & withdrawal.
Today, we're helping millions around the world alleviate cravings without the side effects of prescription drugs.

Did you know?

"less than 5% of people who try to quit without a quit-smoking product succeed".

We know Quitting is Hard.
Let's make it easier, together.

30-day Guarantee

Smoke Away is the only 100% Guaranteed Quit-Smoking solution available today.

Try Smoke Away.
If you don't quit smoking send it back for a full refund, it's that simple.

Our "not so secret" ingredients

Smoke Away Ingredient Ginger
Smoke Away Ingredient Passion Flower
Smoke Away Ingredient Licorice Root

Ready to Quit?

Quit Smoking Naturally

Everyday Smokers Kit


$79.90 + FREE Shipping & Handling

Smoke Away's BEST SELLING program. This kit contains everything you need to get the assistance to quit smoking. For over 20 years, other smokers, like yourself, have used this kit as a first step towards a renewed lifestyle!

Smoke Away Products

Product 1

Formula 1


Quitting is a battle. This army of 20+ herbs works to help you fight the nasty symptoms of withdrawal. Headache? Ginger can help. Heartburn? Liquorice Root to the rescue. Anxious? Passionflower is known for its calming effect.

Product 2



Trees need sun, grass needs water, and you need nutrients and minerals. Maintenance formula helps you replace important nutrients and minerals that cigarettes have depleted.

Product 3

Homeopathic Pellets


Suddenly you’re craving. It happens. Cravings are unexpected, so fighting them with long-term solutions is only so effective. In those moments, our specially formulated Homeopathic Pellets are there to help you manage those cravings.